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Garden Wedding Ceremony

Why a Garden Wedding Ceremony is the Best Choice

When picking the perfect wedding ceremony setting, a rural garden can be the ideal choice. Here are three reasons to choose a garden wedding venue for your big day.

Easy Decor

Thanks to the grasses, flowers, plants, trees, and shrubs, the entire venue is essentially already decorated for you! You may wish for lights and table settings, but a lot of work is already done.

Casual Setting

Being outdoors among nature brings peace and calm to an otherwise crazy day. It encourages people to relax and enjoy themselves.

Gorgeous Photos

You can basically go anywhere on the property with your photographer and still get amazing shots that you'll treasure forever. There are no ugly backdrops here!

Check Out The Corner Paddock

The Corner Paddock is a beautiful garden wedding ceremony venue in rural Victoria, just 20 minutes from Geelong. Contact Mary-ann to learn more and schedule a visit!

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